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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pines & Times

I've seen so many live come and go.

Some fast some slow.

The deafening silence up below.

While the clouds above laxly blow.

See I was placed here in 1873.

Not many people have seen what I've seen.

Yet now I hear a calling of fallen heroes, fathers, children, mothers.

What I've heard from where I stand cannot be told to others.

I've given rest to several tired souls over the years.

Taking their weight while they waited for a slate.

I recall Once, young lovers came to me in the night, for a delightful dinner under the stars.

So much better in my opinion then those hate-filled bars.

And another time a woman had her third child ten minutes after leaving me!

Oh the rush of the husband was something to see.

One man in fact, in those same arms of his loving wife, took his final breath while with me.

Theres no describing the life changing feeling.

I cry out "So much has passed me by!"

And yet most of the people I've touched lie silent behind me now.

JUST THINK THE SORROWS they've felt, all those souls come and gone.

But truly it's not all wrong.

You may ask "how?" I say look and see.

A gathering of past souls of used to be's.

Take a look behind me, those white washed slabs, all lined up, long rows.

The only visitors we get are a few angry crows... just looking for the next meal.

This seemingly dreadful area that I refer to is the old cemetery.

No one knows these grounds like me.

I'm the park bench on the outskirts of the lot.

The amount of people I've seen gone and come are quite a lot.

Some good, some bad.

I've heard everything that was said.

You'd be surprised how many poor people leave this world

without a love in their heart, and a tune in their head.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear You Pt. 2

Dear You,

I apologize, but did I miss my cue?

I didn't realize a relationship was to be hidden.

Or was that what you wish it'd been?

This absurdity you gave out with little thought.

Just like the last time we fought.

If you look at the ground you'll see a dingy grey.

I asked you why, you had nothing to say.

If you take back what you said, you'll see a smile.

Yeah, that's what you've been missing all the while.

This mislead, failing, terrible bliss.

Yes, boy, you swung and missed.


You and I can never be.

A mistaken belief of mine was that it all was real.

But no, this "love" was just something to feel.

You know, in the deepest part of my soul I hope you miss me.

So that a little piece dies of you, every time you see me.

Look at the sky you'll see a dull blue.

In my heart you'll find a scar cause of you.

I looked at your heart and saw a dark black.

Right then. Right there. I knew I'd never come back.

As you dip your finger in that formaldehyde.

I see your judgement fall behind.

So today I walk a rainbow, charcoal black.

A wild fire of shadows was started with a spark.

You open you mouth and the creatures emerge from hiding.

The captivity of your inner being can consume anything.

Go have your fun, leave me here.

What you would have put me through is hard to adhere.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Gift- Spazy McGee

There in the center isle my eyes gaze upon a beauty in white. For her inconceivable essence of faithfulness you'll have no ignorance.

For no beauty so fine has been seen with an eye. I can hardly believe she's mine

Of like mind and manner we fit just perfectly. I mean this quite sincerely. She's everything to me.

For after the I's and do's we carry on the festivities down the hall. The night goes on oh so long.Friends, family, soon after all gone.

Now just the wedded two have gone.

Several hours out of town the suited fellow has something special planned for his for his white gowned sparrow.

They come to the place. A pleasant expression pasted to each face.

The conversation flows sweetly for several minutes. But then brought to the table is a most important business.

"I bring to you a gift my bride, untainted, perfect for you. Still wrapped tight, brand new."

The bride so flustered, says quietly, "You see, my groom, I assume u expect the same gift given to you."

"There's something I must tell you. My gift has been opened, it was used and left waste by a unloving recipient.

I never planned to give it to someone before you, my groom. But here this is my gift to you."

"I love you," says the groom to the bide, "I wish you had saved your gift for the proper time."

"Of like mind and manner we fit just perfectly. I mean this quite sincerely. She's everything to me. For due her honesty my love now stronger than ever could it be."

Friday, September 24, 2010

Some stuff from church

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hey There, Happiness:

Hey there, Happiness, I know I haven't seen you in a while.

Well, ya know, you always make my day brighter with your smile.

Oh the great time we've spent together... well, what time we had.

Though small pills of good, are better than large of bad.

Thus I utter Farewell farewell goodbye...

So, now that I've beaten my circular bush.

Truly, I thought of the word crush.

Thus I utter Farewell farewell goodbye...

I commonly find myself pondering that very thought.

Lord, I cling to your breast, for I've lost myself in my... well self...

What happens to a thought lost?

Is there a cost? Farewell farewell goodbye...

I'm so wasteful with the trash I fill and corrupt my mind with...




Oh, but God, if faith is like a bread-crumb trail, I'm just as lost as I thought I was.

Thus I utter Farewell farewell goodbye...

OH, HAPPINESS, DO YOU REMEMBER?! The last time we were together?

The joy we shared, even the sun, yes, brighter in that stormy whether.

Thus I utter Farewell farewell goodbye...

You know? I think its because of you.

Yes! It's because of you this smile has found its way in my body, in to my soul.

You've shaken the foundation, in such a delicate fashion.

So for this, Happiness, I bid you...

Nice to speak at you, oh friend of old.

Thus I utter Farewell farewell goodbye.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miss Spider:

IS THIS A FILM OVER MY EYES OR A FEAR OF WHAT'S BEHIND?! Cause I cant relieve the things weighing on my mind.

Frankly, Miss. Spider you don't realize the scars you've left within me.

I personally loved how we smiled when we were together then yelled when we weren't.

HA! "Is this a yes or no?" the question that was ever burnt through. As if the roaches needed more crumbs to tossel and chew.

And then, oh yes, you say i'm not sure. AHA! Miss. Spider you've done it again, and yes, my patience wears so ever thin.

One thing I always found wonderfully odd was the fact of forgotten prey.

No not thrown away, but left there for your secret, unknown, terribly annoying, twisted reason...

(i got a tad carried away there)

Yes, I do realize you may not have meant to poison me. But truthfully your "kiss of death" did in fact finish me.

No, there is not a chance for you and I, Miss. Spider, I won't be back.

Maybe, just maybe, you'll find another helpless fly... yet once again you'll hear it also cry.

I DON'T KNOW! why you choose to pry at the wounds as if it were the fly's fault your web is now wet....

But finally it was you who drenched yourself, in my heart you'll find theres no regret.

So now that i'm free, and the web is farther from me there is still a glaze that won't let me see.

Sadly not the kind you'd find atop something in a box inside black and white cars.

But this thing hindering me is the haunting memory of all that happened prior to these scars.

Oh, I pray this passes quickly, for my wings grow weary from fearful fleeing.

I suppose this is just yet another story of a broken fly.

This I hope you read before your final, ice-cold sigh.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Picture I Took At The Park Today haha

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Dear You,"- by Rob Spazy

Dear YOU,
Things that've been goin' on between you and me. You see. They're just quite possibly, the most wonderfully woven web I've ever seen.

We look through the toils, and mask all the troubles as we put on a smile like we cared for a while.

Yeah that's all it was. A while. No forward, no back, it was what it was, we'll say today. But hey, at least we had some fun on the way.

Long walks, sweet talks, every memory burning in red for all the words that were said.

Oh you say your sorry now. HA! After the embarrassment you put me through!? Nothing could pull me back to you...

Oh, but the smell of your perfume and the softness of your hair so elegant...

What am I thinking!? You did me wrong, there's no forgiving that. And with my best friend!? NAHH I'M NOT TAKING YOU BACK.

You stood there and asked "Why are you weeping?" and with all the strength I could muster I uttered "It's be cause of you! Can't you get the pain I'm feeling?" You know, that's what hurt the most. You didn't care.

After all, you said we'd last. I swear. Really!? That was the sentence of death for the life of our relationship. It's whole existence was a fraud. No it was perfect!... Well that's what I thought.

Oh, your conniving lies, so appealing to my eyes. But as your fingers once locked tight to mine.
My hatred clings a hold toward your addiction so fine. I guess this would be my final goodbye.